ColdFusion framework is a cool framework for making the dynamic web & mobile applications. Many of the problems are solved automatically if a developer chooses a correct ColdFusion editor. There are many of the ColdFusion editors like -

cfeclipse -

It is the most popular ColdFusion editor, which provides quality IDE for the CFML developers. It is a part of Eclipse platform which provides many features - code insights, auto-complete, code folding, snippets making. To get CFEclipse, first you will have to configure and install Eclipse, and you will get all its features absolutely free.

cfbrackets -

It is a supported framework by Brackets platform which provides a real time connection to the web browser. With each update of software, the web browser updates automatically. There is no need to refresh and save updates every time.  

coldfusionpad -

It is a simple text editor, which provides menus, tags and functions.

There are also tools like - Notepad which can also be used for the ColdFusion programming. There is another editor of ADOBE coldfusion builder but many ColdFusion programmers still prefer the CFEclipse framework.

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